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Special costume clothing articles - Jeans
Time:2016/9/25 18:19:15
  Jeans is a denim with indigo straight crotch pants tailored, narrow legs, tight package will be shrunk after wearing hip. First appeared in the western United States, had been subjected to local miners and cowboys are welcome, in the contemporary still very popular.

Class name of modern pants jeans, indigo denim with a straight crotch pants tailored, narrow legs, buttocks shrunk after wearing tight pants package. Because it first appeared in the western United States, had been subjected to local miners and cowboys are welcome, hence the name. Most of the current use of denim jeans (also known as strong then) cutting system. Ji-border dual-channel clothing sewn suture stitch orange, bronze and decorated with copper nails and trademarks. Jeans model has a fixed pattern, usually men and women can wear. Some jeans brands also designed specifically for a female friend slightly larger hips, thigh deep in the system of female pattern fabric cut straight crotch pants, narrow legs, buttocks shrunk after wearing tight pants package
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[To] by the
Jeans, the English called "Jeans", first recorded in 1567, is from the Italian port city of Genoa (Genoa) Cheung merchant sailor pants worn by the title, that is, "Genoese" or "Genes". From the 1860s began to "Jeans" was only the big names formally adopted by Levy Company, before people call it "waist overalls" (Waist High Over all), "pants" (Pantaloons) .

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Jeans can be called throughout the year and never dying star, is listed as "wild clothing first." Jeans fabric and color is also increasing. Especially now that the jeans also have a good self role, such as straight jeans to make a woman look fit Tuicu slender, slim pants make women become fat, thin women sexy and so on.
There are many jeans, especially for many women, the jeans now become very popular, people are talking about the characteristics of jeans
Users are the most classic answer, actually only two words: thin, low-waist.
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Speaking of jeans, people will naturally think that the U.S. gold rush in 1849, when the first batch of immigrants set foot on the continental United States, they can say is poor and white, they had to work hard. Strong labor makes clothes easy to wear, especially in the rush miners poured into the 1849 California, was formed the famous gold rush. As the cloth is very easy to break, people are eager to have a durable clothes. And this time, a number of factories with production Genoa canvas pants, it will be the kind of canvas called genoese, means "Genoa." Later, we simply use the kind of trousers made of canvas called genoese. Later evolved into a "jeans". This solid, durable jeans came into being. Levi Strauss (LeviStrauss) is recognized as the inventor of jeans.
In 1850, he founded Levi (Levi `s) the production of 501 jeans is known around the world originator of the jeans. The mid-1930s in the U.S. Midwest agricultural areas almost everyone wore jeans for the first time was taken to the Mississippi River to the east of the bustling city, from jeans started to enter the ranks of popular clothing.
1855 - After the first pair of jeans only one bag, and not York.
1872 - Founded reinforced with metal rivets, jeans, parts of the force.
1873 - replaced by gray indigo jeans. After the bags decorated with orange stitch double arch.
1886 - the lower back plate of the pattern to two horses by the Dwarfs.
1890 - with a table and after the bags York.
1893 - Huaite Ken. Gubu Sen (Whitcomb Jobson) invented the zipper
1905 - added a second after the bags, so far, five pocket jeans in the form of fixed down.
1922 - In addition waistband belt loop.
1926 - Lee produced the world's first one zipper jeans
1937 - back pocket rivets were hiding inside.
1941 - abolition of jeans rivet lower front cardigan. Remove the lower back during World War II and Table bow bags rivets, and then double-bag from arch stitch is similar to printed graphics instead.
One bay leaf instead of the copy button on the signs "LS & Co.SFCal.".
1947 - arch stitch reappear.
1950 - to be the fashion trend with, more slimming pants cut style.
1955 - began producing jeans with zipper 501.
1959 - Development of pre-shrinking treatment of jeans.
1966 - imposed after the angle of the rod pocket short track instead of rivets.
The exact date of birth of jeans is May 20, 1873. On this day, Patent and Trademark Office to two immigrant Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis, who issued a patent application for the overalls.
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Jeans are a very special class of clothing, its main feature is a very long life, and the value of products with the increase in life expectancy is also increasing, meaning that the more old jeans, in fact, be more valuable, but also more beautiful. Wash more prettier, the older the more flavored, is different from the general clothing jeans, a distinctive feature. To achieve this purpose, the texture of the fabric is no doubt becomes essential. Jeans fabric is not good, not just the product life is short, wear uncomfortable does not close, and the variable type, fade, in the wear process can not be achieved the older the more valuable results. At the same time, the added value is by washing jeans to reflect, and washing the quality and effect, is entirely dependent on the texture of fabric, the fabric is not good, is impossible to make very high-end washing effect to. We can say that a pair of jeans the grade level, is largely determined by the grade of fabric. When consumers buy jeans fabric does not consider factors that are very immature.
The real jeans is made of 100% cotton, cotton and even the suture is; can also be used instead of polyester cotton blended fabrics, but not very popular. The most commonly used is synthetic indigo dye. The traditional copper rivet is, but zippers and buttons are iron. The sign by designer fabric, leather or plastic, and some will use cotton embroidery on the jeans.
Now the market trend is the use of environmentally friendly cotton as raw material. Scientists Sally Fox at her farm planted in Arizona a lot of natural green and brown cotton, she hopes one day to grow yellow, red and gray cotton to, but can not be blue (the color chromosomes can not be found in cotton). In general, the dyeing of cotton is to color, but Fox cotton (cotton grown in Fox R) has the advantage that it does not require bleaching and dyeing, therefore, the processing of this raw material does not produce harmful by-products, and its products will not fade because of washing.
Fabric: Black Peony mercerized cotton denim fabric with high (black peony for the U.S. selling one of the three major jeans brand fabric), silk burning color, color uniformity of nature, feel smooth and delicate; most important thing is its unique dyeing process, to ensure more color wash jeans the more style, more wash prettier.
[Introduction denim finishing process]
Denim finishing process is to make the denim has a unique style of key processes. As technology advances, the development of new additives, denim finishing in the traditional process has been based on a larger development, from the traditional washing, stone to the development of cellulase finishing stone, bio-polishing The easy-care cotton finishing and finishing, in denim finishing on a variety of functions, giving jeans water repellent, flame retardant, UV, health and other functions, so that the quality and grade of jeans to the multi-functional changes, and has high added value and economic benefits.
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[Style categories]
Straight jeans: pants down completely in a straight line, that is, two straight pants.
Wide leg jeans: great trousers.
Speaker jeans: legs like a horn, like the end is relatively large. But unlike the wide leg jeans, like the legs are big.
Low-waist jeans: jeans low waist-line teaching. Contrast waist jeans and some know it!
Tapered jeans: jeans, called feet, because of its relatively small end pants.
Skateboard jeans: slippery board can wear jeans, of course, is very loose, relatively hip-hop ~
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A, dark jeans for the first time before the water with white vinegar + water (vinegar: water, 1:20) or soaked with salt water about 20 to 30 minutes more to maintain color.
B, dark and light washed separately: mixed colors will cause each dye.
C, may not use bleach. Without the enzyme with granule particles with a blue wash detergent because the detergent enzyme has bleaching effect, affect the color of jeans.
D, to avoid direct sun exposure: direct exposure to sunlight can cause severe oxidative bleaching phenomenon.
E, drying in a ventilated place: no ventilation is not easy to make the pants will be dry and odor.
F, as far as possible negative wash, opposite the sun.
G, the application of hand rub jeans, do not try washing machines and brush, so you can effectively maintain the jeans color.

1 try to hand wash jeans, best not to machine wash
(2) washing the jeans upside down when washing, you can keep the surface nice washing lines
3 Try not to wring or drying jeans, so easy to create variations
4 buttons, zippers when washing dragged well fastened, not likely to cause wash in the waist, crotch variant
5 In order to prevent jeans fading when washing it in the best or separate from other clothing would be more Ay. In the jeans into the washing machine before washing, the best first zipper
Lay, so as not to wash the zipper to the final deformation, and become more well worn.
6 If the jeans are dirty, you can soak for about 15 minutes, then wash and other powerful program to wash.
7 In the exposure time to remember to turn it over, and then drying socks, handkerchief used by small hangers hung up, make a drum-like pants, because this is more quick-drying.
8 jeans washed several times to prevent discoloration of the color on the way? When a new pair of jeans just bought, you can dip in the salt water a day, so you can make your jeans, no matter when it looks
, The colors are the same like new bought
[Prevent fade]
Buy a new pair of jeans can be soaked in brine (salt water from the salty taste as long as you can), and after a whole day, and then rub their hands, do not use machine washable. Usually in the wash, if the roll out again in the dry cleaning, but also can minimize the degree of fading.
The jeans folded into the laundry bag (or hand), cleaning agents, use dish detergent (because the general effect of detergent in order to have white), all ingredients with a little bleach, it is easy to fade jeans, wash does not contain bleach bowl fine, in addition to the effect of cleaning, but also to oil)
New jeans or other clothing is stained with a layer of plastic (the taste of the new clothes), bought after the first use of white vinegar dip, allows clothes soft, it can set the color to prevent fading.
For the jeans are not dirty, wash with detergent can, try not to use detergent, washing powder in general contain a certain percentage of bleaching powder, easy to make jeans fade. Also please wash jeans upside down, so you can effectively extend its life.

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