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Theory of clothing - Jeans Article
Time:2016/9/25 18:21:21
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Jeans are the 1850s began to appear in the western United States, it was not originally denim pants, but for the invention of clothing workers in gold.
The late 1840s, the discovery of gold in California, the United States off the gold rush. A man named Levi. Strauss cloth traders also came to San Francisco. Soon, he heard that wearing gold-easy cotton pants worn, we complain incessantly. Strauss had an idea, carry a thick canvas tailoring a low waist, straight legs, narrow hips of new pants, gold-greatly welcomed. Because of this rugged pants, wear appears to lean and agile, to win their favorite cowboy, soon became popular among them, would then become a feature of cowboys clothing. Levi Strauss is also on this fortune, patented in 1871, and set up a "Levy. Strauss."
Originally developed for the Americans in the western gold rush era by wearing a shirt made with canvas. After the publicity and celebrity through the television, the development of everyday life wear the clothing. 1970s has swept the world, has become a global setting clothing. The fabric does more than make use of solid, has grown to denim style jacket, jeans, denim shirt, denim vest, denim vest skirt, denim children's clothing, and other styles. Jeans with its rugged, rough and so popular leisure favorite people of all countries, although its overall style of the relative mode, but the detailed shape and decorations along with the popular fashion of the cycle and rhythm, a constant and change.
In fact, jeans, though composed in the United States, but it is not their first invention jeans, denim is not the most typical clothing. Then cowboy image is: wearing a Mexican-style wide-brimmed high hat - cowboy hat, wearing a short tight, multi-pockets, his tight sleeve denim clothing; neck bright large square; wearing boots - cowboy boots. And today is the most widely circulated jeans.
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Suitable for work wear trousers styles, one is not pleated, and the other is pleated. Wear two pants, jacket to wear a formal physical style, will have a professional sense.
Can be used with non-pleated trousers sweater, blouse and vest. Especially the blouse and trousers similar colors, can make the whole look more slender. When to wear pleated trousers, to sweaters, pants stuffed shirt, jacket is also very suitable match with both pants. Trousers and skirts to buy the same principle - style as simple as possible, but also to the more lasting.
Should be located in the side pocket trousers, it will not let hip look to expand the feeling.
Choose wool crepe, knitted fabric, gabardine pants and other fabrics made of these fabrics is not easy to date, is a good trousers material.
Tried to find pants the right length, too long or too short are not appropriate. The length of trousers to be just above the heel, so as to expose the shoes, and the proportion of the elongated body. Wear long pants when paired with heels, it would be more authoritative sense, is the most appropriate height with the shoes. Pants to have the best inside, apart from the more to fit, but also cover the bloated office. Does wearing a pleated trousers with turn style, depending on height and the height of his pants. Those who are tall, thin body, you can wear pleated trousers have turned, but if less than 162 cm tall person, it is best not to try. Easy straight trousers with a jacket over dress. Pay special attention to cross the lower part of trousers to wear smooth, which is the focus of pants fit, but also the key to sewing technology is excellent, bad crotch will have to wear pants sag, swell, does not fit the phenomenon. Pants seam and hem seam best to leave more to prepare for popular change can be modified.

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